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Asus All-in-one PCs Audio Driver

The best all-in-one PCs look good and have great performance in a The Asus Zen AIO ZNGD might have a mouthful of a name, but the. To match its eye-catching high definition visuals, the ASUS All-in-One PC ET Series features ASUS SonicMaster Technology that delivers improved audio. What you need: an all-in-one (AIO) PC. as a multimedia editing platform, the Dell Precision desktop PC is our .. Heart-pounding audio.


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Asus All-in-one PCs Audio Driver

The best all-in-one computers for The best all-in-one PCs look good and have great performance in a compact package Posted on May 15, 4: We were most impressed by the immense HP Envy 34, but there are a number of great all-in-ones for all kinds of users, from designers to gamers and beyond. As impressive as the Asus All-in-one PCs Audio inside the Envy 34 Curved is though, the outside is so much more extravagant.

The ultrawide, quad HD display has a resolution of 3, x 1, and thanks to its IPS panel, offers fantastic colors and a degree viewing Asus All-in-one PCs Audio.

The Best All-in-One Computers for 2019

There are heaps of ports on the base, as well as built in high-quality Bang and Olufsen speakers, and wireless charging support for mobile devices. That makes it the Asus All-in-one PCs Audio option for serious content creators, designers, and anyone who wants an all-in-one PC that packs a powerful punch. When we reviewed it we lauded its exceptional design and build quality, graphics performance, and super fast SSD.

With a screen 23 inches or larger, you're almost guaranteed a native resolution of at least 1, by 1, pixels aka, full HDand larger screens will go even higher. In Asus All-in-one PCs Audio cases, that's up to 4K—3, by 2, pixels—for a conventionally shaped screen, or 3, by 1, pixels on an ultra-wide display. High resolutions of that kind give you the ability to view multiple windows side by side, or view a spreadsheet three to four pages wide. Indeed, if you're a multitasker, the more Asus All-in-one PCs Audio room, the better.


Desktop screens tend to be brighter than laptop displays in general, as well. Look for in-plane switching IPS technology for the best screen quality.

IPS screens are inherently better at off-axis viewing, which means you won't have to be sitting perfectly centered to Asus All-in-one PCs Audio accurate colors and all the detail in your images. To touch-screen or not to touch-screen—that is a question of personal preference. The tiled Start interface in Windows 10 was designed with touch panels in mind, and it makes interacting with your various applications as easy as ever.

Although these can be fun and functional for families, a touch screen isn't percent necessary for everyone, especially if Asus All-in-one PCs Audio plan to use the all-in-one like a traditional computer.

If you're looking at a Apple iMac all-in-one, on the other hand, the decision is made for you: Don't fret either way. Scrolling with a mouse or a touchpad will still be as quick as or quicker than on a touch screen, because with an AIO, you Asus All-in-one PCs Audio to reach up to the screen, taking a hand off the keyboard or mouse.

Intuitive Multimedia Enjoyment

Asus All-in-one PCs Audio text for copying and pasting is easier with a mouse, too. If you fill out forms online and switch among text-entry boxes, pull-down menus, and check boxes, you'll be able to enter data more quickly with a keyboard and mouse.

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If you're planning on using the touch screen at least 50 percent of the time, look for systems with screens that can Asus All-in-one PCs Audio down to horizontal, or almost horizontal. This lets you use the system like a large tablet, so you don't have to hold your arm out constantly to use the touch screen.

Best All-in-One Computers of - Desktop PCs for Every Budget

Think about using an ATM: The vertical screen is fine for a second transaction, but it would become tiring after 10 minutes or more. It comes down to simple ergonomics. Speaking of vertical orientation, the occasional AIO will Asus All-in-one PCs Audio with a stand that lets you pivot the screen into a portrait orientation.


Portrait mode lets you view content such as webpages and appropriately shaped pictures without wasted space to the sides of the screen. It's a boon for web developers, as well as layout artists still working on print publications. If portrait mode is something you'd be interested in, make sure the system features auto-rotate; without it, you'll need to switch display settings every time Asus All-in-one PCs Audio pivot the display.

23-inch Full HD All-in-One PC with 10-point capacitive touch and innovative gesture control

Portrait pivoting is far more common in stand-alone desktop monitors than Asus All-in-one PCs Audio AIOs, though. The Core Components Dual-core processors may still crop up here and there in some basic AIO configurations, but they will be increasingly rare moving forward. These will help with editing photos or videos, or running intensive media processes in the background while you work on several tasks in the foreground.

All else being equal, a full-desktop chip is preferable.

How to tell: Although 4GB will work fine for very basic tasks, you'll feel the pinch of such a low-spec computer sooner. That said, 8GB or 16GB will let you keep dozens of tabs open on your browser Asus All-in-one PCs Audio still have room left over for a demanding program such as Photoshop. And 16GB is the recommended minimum for professional content-creation use. Storage and Ports As far as storage, look for a hard drive of at least 1TB capacity if you're going to store any video on your PC.

Videos clog up hard drives faster than just about any other type of file.

If you're a heavy download fiend, opt for a 2TB drive. The only issue is that a traditional spinning hard drive is relatively slow at booting and loading apps. If you'd rather have a snappier system that's more speed demon than file-storage repository, look for an AIO that uses a solid-state drive SSD as the boot drive. If you keep all your files on a central network-attached storage NAS device or stored Asus All-in-one PCs Audio the cloud, just about any SSD or hard drive GB or larger should be sufficient.

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