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ADDI-DATA CPCI-1710 Driver

With ADDI-DATA measurement solutions you can connect up to 24 BiSS-C encoders counter boards APCI (PCI bus) and CPCI (CompactPCI bus). Product description. MX ADDI-DATA PERIPHERIE MODULE FOR CPCI PRODUCT INFORMATION. Availability. MX Variants, In stock. CPCI%%20" target="_blank">; CPCI" target="_blank">; CPCI".


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ADDI-DATA CPCI-1710 Driver

Addi Data Apci1710

Sets the ADDI-DATA CPCI-1710 standard parameter. More information You can change the board specific parameters like the identifier string, the COM number, the operating mode of a communication board, etc. PCI boards With this option you can select the identifier for the string by specifying the number and confirming with OK.

With clicking on Cancel you ADDI-DATA CPCI-1710 the old string. ADDevice Manager starts and displays a list of all resources available of the virtual board. Saves the parameter and registrates the board.

CompactPCI boards

Reactivation of the parameter and registration that were saved ADDI-DATA CPCI-1710 last. ADDI-DATA CPCI-1710 registration: Checks if there is a conflict between the board and other devices. A message indicates the parameter that has generated the conflict.

If there is no conflict, "OK" is ADDI-DATA CPCI-1710. Deinstall registration: Deinstalls all registrations of all boards listed in the table. Print registration: Prints the registration parameter on your standard printer. For the registration of ADDI-DATA CPCI-1710 new board you need administrator right. Only an administrator is allowed to record a new board or modify an already existing registration. Figure will be displayed.

CompactPCI multifunction counter board CPCI-1710

Click on Insert and then select the required board. Click on OK.

The Default address, Interrupt and the other parameters will be set automatically. The parameters will be listed in the lower areas. If the parameters are not set automatically by BIOS you can modify them. Confirm it with a click. When the required is ADDI-DATA CPCI-1710, click on Set Save the configuration with Save You can control ADDI-DATA CPCI-1710 the registration is right by conducting a test.

ADDI-DATA BiSS-Interface

Then the board will be initialized with the set parameters and can be operated. You will be requested to restart ADDI-DATA CPCI-1710 PC.


Otherwise, the parameters will be saved in files ADDI-DATA CPCI-1710 that there is no need to restart the PC. In order to register a new board, administrator rights are required. Only an administrator is allowed to register a ADDI-DATA CPCI-1710 board or to change an already existing registration.

Mark the board whose parameters you want to change. The parameters of the board base address, DMA, channel etc are listed in the lower areas. Click on the parameters that you want to set newly and open the ADDI-DATA CPCI-1710 function.

CPCI (Counter/timer) from ADDI-DATA GmbH - Embedded Computing Design

Please repeat this for each parameter to be changed. When the required configuration is set, click on Set.


Save the configuration with Save. You can check if the register is correct by a test.

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