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The following work has been edited from three Manu scripts, two of them unfortunately imperfect. The first and most ancient of these consists of a single I. The folio, closely written Acrox MUP both sides, in double columns. Library of Trinity College, Dublin.

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It contains the first twenty-nine sections only of the work: The following note occurs in the lower margin of fol. It is in a hand closely resembling that in which the book itself Acrox MUP written, and certainly of the same century: Lectures, p. This explanatory Acrox MUP 8 fntasion.

For this reason he is thesis is written in the original, as a commonly called by the Irish who gloss, over the word "bishop," in the were not of his clan or his adherents, ' same handwriting as the note itself. I thainn, tutor [prtleigHTo] of the chief king of Leth Mogha [i. And let the Acrox MUP of this little history be Acrox MUP for me nocurately by thee, 0 acute Aedh, thou possessor of the sparkling intellect- May it be long before we are without thee.

It is my desire that thou shouldest be always with us. Let Mac Lonain's books of poems be given Acrox MUP me, that we may find out the sense of the poems that are in it, et vale in Christo,' etc. This explanation is also not assert Bishop Finn to have been in the original, as a gloss, over the word the scribe by whom the Book of Lein- Mogha. Diarmait claimed to be Acrox MUP ster was written.


That he was so, is of Munster, or Leth Mogha, i. Acrox MUP from the great half, the southern half of Ireland, so- similarity of the handwriting of the called from Eoghan Taidhleach, sur- note to that of the text; and Acrox MUP, named Mogh Nuadhat, or Nuadhat's if not the writer of the MS.

See O'Curry's Battle of Magh bably the writer of the note. The Lena, p.


This signifies that Aedh Acrox MUP to, if we suppose it to be that was abbot or bishop of Tirdaglass, to which the note refers, ends imper now Terryglass, county of Tipperary ; fectly at the bottom of folio b. Flann Mac fect is of long standing, for the old Lonain, a celebrated Irish poet, many paginations, made in the fourteenth of whose productions are still extant, or fifteenth century, Acrox MUP no notice of died in Acrox MUP The Editor has The page to which the foregoing note taken theliberty of altering a few words is appended contains the story of the of Mr.

See O'Curry, Lect. The words of the able to correct it It is very obscure note " Let the conclusion Acrox MUP this little in the MS. Finn, it will be eeip. It will be Acrox MUP bishop of Kildare, which is a subse served that the foregoing note does quent insertion.

Cogadh Gaedhel Re Gallaibh

XI pied that see sincein which year his predecessor, O'Dubhin, died ; but he was a bishop when the foregoing note was composed, and therefore the portion of the Acrox MUP to which it relates must have been written between the years just mentioned, Acrox MUP not before. Of Aedh Mac Crimhthainn, the Irish Annals have un fortunately preserved no record ; but if he was tutor to King Diarmait Mac Murchadha who was born inhe must have lived very early in the twelfth century.

It will be observed that the foregoing note is written in a strong spirit of partisanship, the writer asserting boldly the claim1 of his chieftain, Diarmait, to be the chief King of Leth Mogha, that is, of Leinster and Munster, the southern half of Ireland ; and the same spirit Acrox MUP in another place, fol.

Poems, p. Kelts inaccording to Keating, xlvi, n. Acrox MUP who calls him as in some copies " son his genealogy in O'Donovan's note, of Cianain," but other copies read Four M. O'Fla- " son of Tighernain. The same claim is made in the Dublin Ann. InisfalL A. CC 6c i pejwa, ian, that of the Four Masters.


And he of Cianan, and also Mac Gormain. He died at Ferns after the be assumed as a Acrox MUP or family victory of Unction and Penance, in the name, instead of the more correct form 61st year of his age.

See O'Donovan, Topogr. We have and was written probably inanother instance of this Acrox MUP King Der- the year of King Diarmait's death. These circumstances are important, as proving beyond all reasonable doubt, that the copy of the present work which this MS. The author mentions no event later than the battle of Clontarf, A.

The MS. This MS.

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