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ACEECA Unknown Device Driver

By default, a device is only allowed to draw up to mA from a USB bit Windows USB Drivers for Palm/Garnet OS We'd heard earlier this year that Aceeca would be sticking with PalmOS for at least a few more devices, and it looks like those hopes have now. All it said was 'unknown usb device.' I clicked on it anyway and it .. These Aceeca drivers worked for me on Windows 7 64 Bit. Saturday, July 7.


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ACEECA Unknown Device Driver

Thank you so much!

Windows 7 - Why do you need a valid driver to charge a device via USB? - Super User

For anyone who is not familiar with WindowsXP mode, go to this link: I also found a ACEECA Unknown Device work around for the problem of having to attach the the PDA every time a hotsync is done. I discovered this by learning about "Seamless WindowsXP mode" in this guide http: Close WindowsXP mode if it is open.


Unfortunately I did not see a shortcut there for Palm Desktop. It did not do this automatically for me when I installed it. It only put a shortcut in the XPMUser profile.


This should cause the shortcut to be published to the Windows7 start menu. By the way, you may want to copy the "HotSync Manager Windows XP Mode " shortcut into the Startup folder in Windows7 so that it starts automatically when you start the computer. Or at the very least, you may want to right click on the HotSync Manager icon in the task bar, select ACEECA Unknown Device and select "Available only when the Palm OS Desktop ACEECA Unknown Device running.

Now here is the final trick that made the whole process of syncing much faster. If you don't, push the recycle button on the right.

Now select "Attach" and the hotsync should happen. So from now on all you have to do is run Palm Desktop, push the cradle button, and then right click on the "Palm Deskop" icon in the taskbar and ACEECA Unknown Device "USB Devices" and "attach.

Windows 7 64x XP Mode USB for Palm device

I know it's still quite a process compared to having a native driver, but at least it doesn't require launching WindowsXP mode thanks to the new seamless feature. I hope this helps someone.


Monday, January 4, 3: Unfortunately i tryed this solution but it didn't work. I'm trying to connect my Tungsten E to palm Desktop 4.

When i press the HotSync button in my palm absolutely nothing happens actually. Proposed as answer by scruffy1. Thursday, ACEECA Unknown Device 25, Jack, your solution seems to work for me I get a HotSync Succeeded message, but the two steps where it syncs with my Day-Timer Organizer address book and calendar don't succeed.

Missing USB drivers /

An error pops up that says "failed to find the Palm OS handheld component pilotcom. That appears twice: Everything else syncs fine and at the end I get a message saying ACEECA Unknown Device was successful, although my address book and calendar have not, in fact, been synchronized.

Any ideas how to tackle this? Monday, March 1, Well, so much for Palm Technical Support.

I spoke with "David Anderson", which is a funny pseudonym for someone in Calcutta. Had me ACEECA Unknown Device Palm Desktop and Reinstall, and go through all the steps I'd already done and which I'd told him I'd doneonly to get the same results. Well, sometimes it just helps to talksomething through with someone.

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