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3d prophet fdx 8500 le Driver

3DMark SE's overall score aggregates the results of a number of different individual tests; let's see how the 3D Prophet FDX LE. Hercules 3D Prophet FDX LE - graphics card - Radeon LE - MB overview and full product specs on CNET. Hercules 3D Prophet FDX LE Review. Share. Hercules has released a Radeon based card for a very affordable price, and it is quite.


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3d prophet fdx 8500 le Driver

Hercules 3D Prophet FDX LE Review - IGN

Here's the card, done in Hercules' trademark blue PCB, with a stylin' 3d prophet fdx 8500 le heatsink to match. This is significantly higher speed than the All-In-Wonder card, so it's safe to expect higher performance. The test system: Asus A7V motherboard, Via 4-in-1 drivers version 4.

They're based on the current official driver release from ATi, version 7. I've got an actual ATi Radeon sitting here that's up for review next, I'll test that with the latest officially available ATi drivers, currently version 7. Shall we begin with 3D Mark?

The seems a bit faster than the GF3 in 3D Markand they're about even in Kept getting the same score, as if the option just wasn't enabled. The program wouldn't run with "GeForce 3 features" enabled for the 3d prophet fdx 8500 le card, despite the Radeon supporting all the features that GF3 has.


The results here don't look so good for the Prophet FDX. I'll go out on a limb and say this is a driver thing, however I couldn't say for sure.

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At the very least, the gap in x resolution is very small. Next up is Unreal Tournament.

Using jittered sampling patterns enables highly realistic anti-aliased edges. The Radeon also features second generation technology originally introduced with the original Radeon. These features should be at least familiar to you by now, but full definitions of each feature can be found here for quick reference.

Driver version beta for WinXP. Driver version Default mode at xx32 was used.

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You will see the scores bunch up much more tightly here. For one, we're just starting to see more frequent official and "unsupported" driver releases.


Hercules, on the other hand, has always done quite well with the enthusiast community. Last year, we were quite taken with their Kyro II-based 3D Prophetan excellent mid-range graphics solution at the time. Do the socks stay on?

Let's find out. Blue has been Hercules' color for a while now, but in this case, the patriot in me wishes they had a red and white version.

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