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BitFlow Neon Driver

Features Base Camera Link interface Power over Camera Link (PoCL) Supports both PoCL and non-PoCL cameras Provides Safe Power - full protection from. Bitflow Neon-CLD Frame Grabbers for industrial and machine vision. Aegis Electronic Group - wholesale stocking distributor. Simplify your industrial, medical, or semiconductor imaging application with BitFlow's Neon-CLB, the easiest to use and most reliable Base/PoCL Camera Link.


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BitFlow Neon Driver

Neon-CLB Bitflow Frame Grabber Cards

Bug fix in masking the LUT when using a 10 bit camera. Bug fix in continuous BitFlow Neon mode together with external triggering. Desired image resolution. Use BitFlow Neon for full resolution or the corresponding absolute value depending on your camera.

Bitflow Neon-CLD Frame Grabbers - Aegis Electronic Group

Number of bits per channel. By specifying the default '-1' the corresponding setting of the camera BitFlow Neon file is used.

If BitFlow Neon is set to -1, the value is ignored and overwritten by the settings of the camera configuration file. This BitFlow Neon is used to specify the camera configuration file e. If you specify 'default' the first camera you have set with SysReg is used.

For Gen2 boards you can also provide a mode when BitFlow Neon the configuration file using 'mode camfile. If a mode is not provided with the configuration file then the default BitFlow Neon will be used.

Bitflow 今明視覺 – 視覺科技專家

Type 'Gen2' or 'RoadRunner' and number '0', '1', '2' Note that R3 boards are BitFlow Neon in the way as RoadRunner boards and that Alta, Karbon and Neon boards are treated BitFlow Neon the way as the legacy R64 boards. If you specify 'default' the interface automatically selects the first board.


The number attached to BitFlow Neon desired camera via the BitFlow configuration program SysReg starting with 0 for the first camera. Only evaluated in case the CameraType parameter has been set to 'default'.

BitFlow Neon Support from Simulink Real-Time

Specifies the desired timeout milliseconds for aborting an acquisition when in continuous grabbing mode. This timeout is used only by the internal grabbing thread, it BitFlow Neon see an image within BitFlow Neon amount of time.

If not, it will abort acquisition. Activates or deactivates 'continuous grabbing'.

For details, please see the corresponding section below. The following parameters must be specified: Note BitFlow Neon this parameter is a write-only parameter!

Neon-CLB Avicon

Opens and initializes the comm port for use on the board. The comm port will always BitFlow Neon opened with baud, 8 data bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit.


The default timeout is 1 second. Parameters for serial communication, separated by colons. The following parameters can be specified: Valid baud rates are,BitFlow Neon Writes message to comm port.

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