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AVSTAR Mercury TV Driver

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AVSTAR Mercury TV Driver

This device is a VCR replacement for off-air logging and confidence recording applications using industry-standard MPEG-4 encoding and playback; features single- or multi-channel networked solutions with local and network storage.

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This new satellite-based alternative service enables broadcast AVSTAR Mercury TV stations to maximize reach with their DMA; the affordable point-to-multipoint C- or Ku-band satellite delivery service is a cost-effective alternative to microwave links and fiber networks. Ten-bit frame synchronizer; built-in TBC with auto mode select; transcoding from any selected input to all outputs simultaneously; digital AVSTAR Mercury TV amp; wide range output timing; patented signal processing.

Trio of hardware accelerators, dubbed Nitris, Adrenaline and Mojo, pumps up the power of nonlinear-editing and media-processing systems; Nitris offers processing power equivalent to 30 Pentium-4 processors and supports uncompressed HD formats and up to eight audio channels; Adrenaline can transform PC and Mac desktops into high-powered editing workstations; Mojo targets notebook-computer users and offers real-time effects. This PC-controlled system brings improved distortion and noise specifications required to test the latest advances in converter technology; AVSTAR Mercury TV architecture accommodates both analog and digital AVSTAR Mercury TV.

Designed for use in the to MHz frequency band; utilizes low-loss, low intermodulation dual-stage isolators with integrated coaxial cavities; four-channel combiner can be converted into an eight-channel unit. Modular approach to command center design; provides full-service command center design capabilities, including complete electronics layout, Auto CAD drawings and full-color control room renderings.

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Rugged construction; impedance of 75W; push-lock mechanism; compatible for Series 5 and Series 10 cables; cable compatibility meets European interconnecting strategy needs. Offers design, engineering and fabrication services to meet any site challenge for broadcast towers up AVSTAR Mercury TV feet. Fluorescent fixture with choice of reflectors, three control options and traditional cast and extruded aluminum housing; can be used on the road or in the studio; slide-in lamp support and locking lamp holders allow for six 4-tube Studio Cools on one circuit; two, AVSTAR Mercury TV and eight lamp fixtures available.

Multiple pixel processors operate in parallel; a hybrid of dedicated graphics hardware and open platform PC technology.

Enhanced version of the V2X SVA; includes increased capacity using Seagate 73GB drives; provides automated storage management functions; features Power Point-to-Point Remote Copy which decreases synchronization time between disk subsystems. Features a distributed system consisting AVSTAR Mercury TV a main console, optional slave consoles, a separate audio processor and the Nexus routing system; system components are interconnected by duplex fiber-optic cables.

Enables users to view video elementary streams within MPEG transport streams stored on the Omneon media server; can identify and select individual program streams within the transport stream. Resolution-independent environment; designed to handle complex compositing in 3-D space; interface allows operator to combine unlimited layers and effects into a single seamless composite. Up AVSTAR Mercury TV down conversion. AVSTAR Mercury TV for advanced Closed Caption.

Controlled via front panel or web interface. Available in analog, SD and HD formats; can insert up AVSTAR Mercury TV four logos at once; features four-channel AES capability, support of multiple graphics formats and Ethernet network connectivity for logo interchange.

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Tailored for small and mid-market stations; configuration includes an eight-port server with ingest automation, two browse applications, two desktop editing applications and a craft edit system. Integrates program rights management, scheduling and payment functionality; provides integrated library and workflow management.

Solutions for content creation and delivery by the entertainment industry; scalable to thousands of terabytes with full security; enables fast conversion of film and video formats, processing of special effects and DVD creation. Complete turnkey system running on standard IT hardware; catalog, store and distribute AVSTAR Mercury TV assets in multiple formats: Incorporates a 27RU frame designed to support SD and HD, as well as other non-standard digital signals simultaneously; internal backplanes are programmable for either input or output connection.

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Networked storage systems use scalable, mission-critical server and shared storage technology; provide seamless integrated ingest, editing and playout AVSTAR Mercury TV eliminate the need for multiple copies of media. Provides stand-alone prompting; features instant prompt editing and a fully active run order that can be manipulated at any time during scrolling; operates with all languages and fonts available in TrueType and Adobe.

Provides high-speed, universal access to over 24TB of media; allows clients using disparate media tools and file formats to collaborate more efficiently to produce, repurpose and AVSTAR Mercury TV HD and SD media assets.


Based on standard open IT protocols; utilizes a micro-modular design; provides tight integration between new HeadLine series of modules, including Editand desktop editors. Provide users with site survey AVSTAR Mercury TV inspection services, transmission-line system design and layout, field technical-advisory service, system-optimization testing service, and system-optimization tuner service.

Provides standard waveform monitor functions operating in the RGB or YUV domain; optional AVSTAR Mercury TV test generator for comparison of output image data with internally generated reference images. Uses IT technology for broadcast, post-production and broadband applications; enables the secure sharing of video as data files across high-speed networks.

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