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BenQ FP73G Driver

BenQ Press Release. The BenQ FP73G S / FP93G S features a super slim bezel design and an ultra fast 5mm response time. TAIPEI, TAIWAN. BenQ of Taiwan has introduced two additions to its LCD monitor lineup with the inch BenQ FP73G S and inch BenQ FP93G S LCD. Benq Fp73G Users Manual E. FP73G fp73g fcabc-aaadf3 BenQ Computer Monitor FP73G User.


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BenQ FP73G Driver

Clic k OK. This will close the Display P ro perties w indo wand if y ou made an y changes to the scr een resol ution.


W indo ws will prompt y ou for c onfirmation to effect th e changes, BenQ FP73G further confirmation t o. Click OK and Ye s re sp ec tive ly.

Benq Fp73G Users Manual E

H o w t o adjust the scr een r esolu tion. Due to the natur e of liquid cr ystal displa y L CD tech nolog ythe picture resolution is al wa ys. The best possible picture for yo ur FP73G is achieved with a resolution of x This is. L ower BenQ FP73G esolutions. I mage BenQ FP73G ng acr oss pixel. T o t ake full advant age of LCD t echnology you should select the nati ve resolution setting.

BenQ FP73G 17" LCD Monitor

Open Display P r opert ies and select the Settings tab. Yo u c a n o p e n Display Pr operties by BenQ FP73G on the W indows desktop and selecting Prop e r ti es.

Select the rec BenQ FP73G resolution of x then c lick App ly. If you select some other re solution, be aware that this other res olution is interpolated and.

Click OK then Ye BenQ FP73G. Close the Display P ro per ties window. H o w t o adju st the screen r efresh rate. The best results are obtained b y using the. Th ere is a table with the factory modes in the. Y ou can choose 60, 70 and 75 Hertz, but not 72Hz for the native resolution of x Double click the Displa y icon in Control P an el. Fr om the Display P roperties w indowselect the Settings tab and click the Adv a nce d button.

Select the BenQ FP73G ap te r taband select an appropriate BenQ FP73G efresh rate t o match o ne of the applicable.


Click Change BenQ FP73G, OKthen Ye s. Close the Displa y Pr operties w indow. H o w t o BenQ FP73G the picture optimization. The easiest way t o obtain an optimal display is t o use the. Pr ess the.

Refer t o H ow t o adjust your. If y ou BenQ FP73G to, y ou can al ways adjust the scr een setting s manually using the buttons on the.

BenQ's FP93G/FP73G LCD displays

T o assist you in this endea v ourBenQ has pro vided a screen test image utilit y. Please set your monit or to use one of the. R un the test pr ogram auto. Y BenQ FP73G could also use an y other image, such as.

BenQ's FP93G/FP73G LCD displays

How everwe rec ommend that you use aut o. As y ou.

Pr ess the ikey butt on on the monitor. If y ou notice a v ertical noise BenQ FP73G e a curtai n effect-shimmering of vertical linespress the W. Then press the W or X k eys to select. Pix el Clock and press the Ent BenQ FP73G key again.


Then, pr ess the W or X key to adjust the monit or.

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