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Asus X54HR Notebook BIOS 204 Driver

To download the requested Asus bios update after signup with the eSupport . Asus K54HR, Intel rev 9, ASUSK54HR, K54HR, Download BIOS. Update: Asus laptop black screen issue. Could we get some input as to . I was after an asus x54h for repairs and came across this very. X54HR. Select Other Model. Quickly access your product support. REGISTER BIOS. Version /07/ KBytes. BIOS Update ME Firmware.


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Asus X54HR Notebook BIOS 204 Driver

X54H-SXR ASUS X54H Notebook laptop specification sheet

As you can see from the screenshot above, taken from the manual of K53SV, the option is there. What is your BIOS version number? His processor supports VT-x, this is not some old exotic laptop he has, he should have the option.

So what's the problem then? I found a post in another forum, where the user actually contacted Asus with the same problem.

Asus X54HR Notebook BIOS 204

Looks like the chipset does not support VT-x: Tonny Tonny There are ways of modding the BIOS. Not even in reach for most enthusiasts either.

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Darmawan khunto Darmawan khunto 3 years ago Simple way, if you have the oem partition recovery copy the partition to hdd external in EaseUS Partition Master Free, next boot your laptop with press F9 and select the Troubleshoot and select reset your pc if you want to remove all files and select refresh your Asus X54HR Notebook BIOS 204 if you don't losing your files. Andrew Trafford Andrew Trafford 3 years ago Great tutorial and created a bookable usb drive as described.

Asus X54H Notebook BIOS 204

I have the exact same laptop but when I reboot from thumb drive it stays in a loop through language selection to select drive then after selection it after a short delay takes me back to language selection again. Asus X54HR Notebook BIOS 204 laptop Asus SCA with windows 8. Any ideas please. Using a 32gb 3.

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Davneet Sarkaria Davneet Sarkaria 3 years ago My disk 1 row is all one. After that I'm not allowed to copy the restore space. But before resizing I can.


Brandon Rios Brandon Rios 3 years ago Hey at 2: I don't know where to go from here Rodrigo Domingues Rodrigo Domingues 3 years ago Hi friend, thanks for this very nice tutorial, Asus X54HR Notebook BIOS 204 I'm still having problems I follow the steps, just like you make, but in the end the check box of the recovery tool is still not available for me as well as the F9 recovery tool. I found a difference in my recovery files and I guess in yours.

Apart from the 20GB restore partition, I have other two, with and MB with recovery files I'm not sure if the are part of Asus recovery.

I also copied them to new partitions and splited them together, but is still not working. When I run Asus backtracker, it asks me to insert a GB yes, that's it flash drive, while with other people it asks for only GB that's what I read in forums.

Any idea of what is going on? Any suggestions? I think I already made everything possible based on your method Chartrand1 Chartrand1 3 years ago Asus X54HR Notebook BIOS 204 i buy a laptop i take it out of the box plug it in and do all the updates then i clone the hard drive that came with the laptop.

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Once it's done cloning I take out the hard drive that came with the laptop and then I put in a SSD drive that has all my files and I put the hard drive that came with it in a non-static package so it won't get ruined so if i get a virus I just take out the SSD drive and then I deleted all the stuff that's on it and then I copy it back from the original hard drive Asus X54HR Notebook BIOS 204 the laptop. Nowadays hard drives are so cheap so by 50 Dollar hard drive and you're set.

I have the exact laptop as the one you have here with windows 8 already installed I recently reset to the default factory settings, and used a different Microsoft account when entering my stuff upon the restart. However, when I went to logg onto my laptop, it won't logg me in.


I've checked to see if the microsoft account I used was blocked, but it was not. So, I'm trying to reset it again, but f9 won't open up the option to. It simply fails to load, and brings me to the windows lock screen to where I have to login again, where as you can see, is my problem. I assume you know that this laptop Asus X54HR Notebook BIOS 204 not have a CD compartment

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