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Asus G55VW Card Reader Driver

The ASUS G55VW-ES71 is the latest inch Full HD gaming-purpose and Slots: 4 x USB , HDMI, Mini Display, VGA, 3-in-1 card reader. Asus G55VW Manual Online: Flash Memory Card Reader. Normally a memory card reader must be purchased separately in order to use memory cards from. It's operating sysytem uses Windows 7 Professional and the G55VW also provides various ports such as 4x USB, VGA, HDMI, Thunderbolt, LAN, card-reader.


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Asus G55VW Card Reader Driver

Case G55VW-S There is a lot to like about the overall design, but there are also some less inspiring aspects that have carried over from the G The G55 borrows heavily from its predecessors, but Asus has updated the design by adding a recessed keyboard area in a Asus G55VW Card Reader metal finish that extends down the sides of the laptop.


The upper parts of the laptop, including palm rest and lid, consists of a rubberized material that is comfortable to the touch and much less susceptible to fingerprints and smudges than glossy plastics. Another change for the better is found on the bottom side; it is no longer necessary to disassemble the entire laptop just to access the hard drive and RAM slots. A small hatch gives you easy access to the user-serviceable parts, but unfortunately not to the fans, which remain difficult to clean.

Depending on your personal preference, Asus G55VW Card Reader plain, low-key design is very elegant.


Unlike some of its competitors, the laptop is utterly devoid of multi-colored LED lights and other colorful highlights. One of the things that is less ideal is the size--although the screen is only The G55VW weighs no less than 3. It also has a relatively large frame around the display and the cooling solution protrudes significantly from the back of the laptop. Asus G55VW Card Reader

This also puts a limit on how much you can tilt the display backwards--the lid can only be opened to an approximate degree angle. On the plus side, and perhaps in part because of its bulky design, the laptop feels very sturdy. There are no apparent flaws in the casing such as poorly joined plastic parts.

ASUS G55vw Audio Jack USB Board W/ Cable 69n0mkb11d01-01 60-nb7io1100-d01

The screen flexes a little bit when Asus G55VW Card Reader force is applied, but not enough to affect the impression of a solid chassis. Connectivity There is little to complain about in terms of connectivity.

There is no FireWire port, which is not surprising, but an eSATA port would have been an added bonus if Asus had seen fit to include one. The G55 also provides ample choices for hooking it up to an external monitor; one of each is included: Many manufacturers have been ditching the VGA port on Asus G55VW Card Reader laptops lately, but having one ensures backwards compatibility with older monitors and many projectors.

Need A New Rig! (Asus G55vw or MSI GE60)

The Mini DisplayPort is a welcome new addition for the opposite reason, as it helps you connect to newer monitors with very high resolution. Since the entire back portion of the laptop is occupied by the aforementioned large fans, there was no room for ports there.

Consequently, all of them are placed along the sides of the laptop. This may be an awkward placement for the display outputs all found on the right side of the laptop depending on how your external monitor is Asus G55VW Card Reader.

It is usually preferable to get rid Asus G55VW Card Reader the monitor cable s by having them in the back. The two pairs of USB ports sit relatively tightly together, so inserting two USB memory sticks right next to each other may prove difficult.

ASUS ROG G55VW-SH Gaming Notebook

Memory card reader, LEDs Left: Two large vents Right: Bluetooth 3. Maintenance The G55's predecessor G53SX could only be serviced by removing the keyboard and loosening a copious amount of screws to get access to the internal components.

Power switch cable that connects the switch board to the mainboard. Guaranteed for 3 months Warning: We strongly advise the use

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