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Asrock X58 Extreme6 RAID Driver

How to: Set up RAID This is a quick guide on setting up RAID with your Sean, im on X58 as in my sig, if i ran my bios in Raid can i still use my. X58 ExtremeAdd to comparison X58 Extreme6 · ASRock X58 Extreme6 support RAID (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10, RAID 5 and Intel ® Matrix Storage), NCQ. Buy ASRock X58 Extreme3 Motherboard Intel Core i7/Core i7 Extreme Edition Socket LGA Intel X58+ICH10R ATX RAID Gigabit LAN at Amazon UK.


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Asrock X58 Extreme6 RAID Driver

Luckily I'm running raid 0 mirror so I was able to logon to windows normally.

In Intel's raid management software I've reseted failed disk back to normal state and raid begun to rebuild. Everything is working normal now. So if you experiment with PCI-E frequency Asrock X58 Extreme6 RAID x58 platform please be careful - you could damage your hdds and loose all data!

I tried it about 10 times but had to reboot each time because of freezing. I was kind of glad about this because it gave me a way to test around. I tried swapping RAM out etc.

Now I'm going to put it back in and make sure it causes the freeze again. After that I'm going to try running generic windows drivers for it but I'm doubting that will help.

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I'll report back. Who would have thought I'd find a whole club devoted to the problem!


This is great, thanks so much to Veeshush for putting this thread together, the support is Asrock X58 Extreme6 RAID. I figured I'd list my problem and possible solution in my case just in case somebody needs it.


I've got a Zotac AMP! I just finished a new build, and I know the motherboard works with other cards as I was running my ancient EVGA with it for about a month with no hitches.

ASRock X58 Extreme 3 - Best Compatible ASRock X58 Extreme 3 Mobo

Everything looked promising with this card at first as well especially since the one I bought before this was an ATI card that was DOA, at least this one turned on I tried uninstalling Asrock X58 Extreme6 RAID reinstalling the latest drivers from Nvidia's site, but the problem only went away when I had no drivers which is of no use to me. Before trying anything though I hopped on here and read what was going on, then decided to start with switching slots and work my way through the other suggestions.

Surprisingly, switching the slots did in fact make my computer stop freezing, and it hasn't reverted in the past half hour since I did it. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress with this to see if it starts happening again. My card itself was listed properly in Display adapters, so I don't think it was Asrock X58 Extreme6 RAID. It's entirely possible that I may have a bad PCI-E slot in my board, so what I'd like to ask is if anyone's reading this with a lockup problem, check your Device Manager and post whether or not you see Asrock X58 Extreme6 RAID same, especially if you have the Crosshair IV Extreme.

ASRock X58 Extreme3 Socket 1366

I'd recommend checking before you make the swap, as now that I've done so I notice that it's disappeared from Other Devices although it was consistently there before. Of course, it might just be an unrelated problem with the board, Asrock X58 Extreme6 RAID I'll be sure to hassle Asus's forum about as well.

I got welcome screeen freezes, but now i can get into system normally and after a few secs my monitor got "no signal" My wife taught me that bit. I'll have to do a bit of looking around, as my old startup CD for Memtest is circa or so. Glad to see it's still the de facto memory tester. The latter of which has the dreaded exclamation point icon over it. Further examination reveals "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers Asrock X58 Extreme6 RAID for this device.

ASROCK X58 EXTREME6 RAID 0 Marvel ROM Screen and questions

Code 31 " Asrock X58 Extreme6 RAID the Properties, General Tab. It was rather handy, in that if anything went wrong, I could simply boot to the recovery partition, run Acronis, and recover my latest goof from a backup.

While that particular drive Asrock X58 Extreme6 RAID now landfill fodder no recycling in my small town back thenit appears that Acronis has Asrock X58 Extreme6 RAID some stuff hanging out in the Device Manager. The reason this intrigues me, is that Windows 10 immediately got it's shorts twisted when I tried to run Acronis ; it immediately disabled it due to incompatibility issues. So I upgraded to Acronis When I very first tried to run Acronisit became unresponsive.

Now previous to upgrading toI still had all the little bits of Acronis still installed: I'm wondering if all of my Windows 10 issues might very well be boiled down to Acronis I think I now at least have a plan of attack:

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