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ASRock CoreHT Series Driver

Today, we will be looking in detail at the CoreHT B, the second generation Core series HTPC from ASRock. First off, let us take a look at the  Graphics‎: ‎Intel HD Graphics ; MHz / 1. the ASRock CoreHT HTPC Series will do the job brilliantly. ASRock CoreHT HTPC series conducted with Intel® HM65 Express chipset supporting HDMI. So what specifically does ASRock put inside the CoreHTB? Although it's rather crowded inside the CoreHT's case, use of an external with 12 Core/24 Thread CPU at Top and Navi-Powered RX Series GPUs [1].


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ASRock CoreHT Series Driver


Something which ASRock has been including for some time now is the anti-slip pad not to be confused with a mouse pad! This is rather good since the surface of the system is rather shiny and smooth. There is an included CD with all the drivers ASRock CoreHT Series apps which work with the CoreHT - there are some good ones ASRock CoreHT Series even one called "ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility" which allows you to overclock your system within Windows and monitor temperatures and adjust fan speeds - I was impressed at this from a HTPC.

Moving on, ASRock includes some other bits and pieces that might seem insignificant, but it's good to see they included them anyway in case the user ends up having a need for them.

ASRock CoreHT 252B Sandy Bridge HTPC Review

Inside the system is where the magic and engineering mastery is really shown. We were a little concerned if heat would be a problem since this is ASRock's highest performing HTPC to date, but we did not experience any problems. We saw the CPU running at around 45c, which is a little warmer than you might usually want in a ASRock CoreHT Series desktop system, but no problem at all for a system this size - in fact, rather good. One of the downsides of this product is that there is no room or potential for adding in ASRock CoreHT Series devices such as PCI Express cards, but thinking over this, it's not really an issue since ASRock has you well covered with ASRock CoreHT Series large amount of connectivity options as default.

As far as performance goes, there are only good things to report. We played an assortment of movie files from SD all the way up to p and the system was completely flawless at playing them back - and the same with Blu-ray movies.

The audio side of things is fantastic ASRock CoreHT Series with pass through of audio over HDMI to an amp - it worked flawlessly. Intel have never been strong when it comes to onboard graphics and the HD Graphics IGP while a little better than previous chips is not going to give you a great gaming experience.

ASRock CoreHT Series drivers

You shouldn't be looking at buying this system for gaming, though, since it is designed to sit nicely in your lounge room and act as a solid home theatre PC, maybe with some ASRock CoreHT Series light gaming here and there. While this provides adequate performance for ASRock CoreHT Series job, it can be vastly improved with the inclusion of an SSD. I've already hit up Corsair to send one of their Force Series 3 GB drives over for this system and as soon as it arrives, it will be going in and the performance will be rapidly improved in terms of boot up, loading of applications and so on.

On second thoughts, maybe I think this way because all of my systems in my office and house have SSDs and when I use a system ASRock CoreHT Series a "spinner", it feels slow. If you haven't entered the wonderful world of flash based storage yet, maybe it will be just fine for you. And finally, we need to discuss price - as it is clear that we are very impressed with the ASRock CoreHT B, ASRock CoreHT Series at what price does this goodness come?


That is a good question really; it seems the B is hard to come by. As we thought, it's not a cheap system. If you've got the money and are looking ASRock CoreHT Series a fully functional Windows based HTPC, add this system to your shortlist without any worries at all.


You can find products similar to this one for sale below. Intel's HD Graphics.

To give you a quick rundown of Asrock's ASRock CoreHT Series models, the Core HT used Intel's HM55 chipset and without the support of a discrete graphics card, it was forced to use the integrated graphics exclusively. Unsurprisingly, this resulted in by far the worst graphics performance we had seen in recent time from an Asrock mini PC.

Thankfully, Asrock got its act together with the Vision 3D, ASRock CoreHT Series the system with Intel's Core Mobile processors the flagship model carried a Core iM.

The company also kept ASRock CoreHT Series HM55 chipset but made one noteworthy change with the Vision 3D: But it's good enough for casual gamers, as it provides the bare minimum for playable performance.

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