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Archos Archos 704 WiFi Driver

The Archos WiFi multimedia player looks amazing on paper, but the Web browsing isn't quite smooth enough. Still, as a video player it. The Archos wifi Mobile DVR is packed with features that are sure to appeal to many different types of consumers. And although it carries a. In theory, the Archos WiFi ($) is a tantalizingly capable device. It has an 80GB hard drive and a 7-in. touchscreen, plays movies and.


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Archos Archos 704 WiFi Driver

Besides the absence of buttons, the only noticeable differences are the activity LEDs. The labels are cut out, so the letters for the power and hard drive, and LCD out glow opposed to having separate lights and labels in past models.

Archos 704 WiFi Silver (80GB) Digital Media Player

The battery switch works just like turning on a Sony PSP or Nintendo DS; taking out the battery simply requires moving the trigger down. Archos chose to include a kickstand like their previous models.

You could buy something like an iPod Touch or a Zune, which are small enough to carry in your pocket. Or you could buy a laptop or netbook to do the same thing, but lose the small form factor.

But there is no denying that it is a compelling choice for those who are looking for a multimedia player. With its brush-aluminum case and ample 7-inch touchscreen, I must admit that it feels impressing holding it in your hand.

This device does not feel cheap. Additional included accessories: It comes with 80 GB of storage which is not outstanding, but certainly ample enough for many people. It obviously holds much more content than my 30 GB iPod Classic.

Archos 704 WiFi Mobile DVR: Test Drive

Disappointingly it does not have a card slot for additional storage, but then again neither do most of the other devices that would be competitors to this device, so that is a non-factor in my opinion. I believe that most manufacturers Archos Archos 704 WiFi start including card slots in their devices in the near future as that trend is picking up steam, and I am sure that Archos will follow in that regard in future iterations of this product line.


The touchscreen is responsive, although not as responsive as an iPod Touch screen. You can also customize the color and background of the main screen, which is a nice touch.

Because the device is a touchscreen, you get a virtual keyboard for entering information when required. The virtual keyboard is actually big enough to use with any finger and I found myself typing much quicker than other touchscreen devices because the size of the keys is so big. The package included 2 styli, but I Archos Archos 704 WiFi yet to pull them out to use them because the entire interface is so touch-friendly.

Archos 704 WiFi Mobile DVR Review

The battery is on the back of the device, Archos Archos 704 WiFi unlike some of the more popular devices like the iPod Touch, it is removable. I have never understood why Apple, and others, make consumer devices that have non-removable batteries. That is just dumb to me, and thankfully Archos has made it easy to pop in a replacement battery if you want.


Archos claims 5 hours of juice for video playback, 16 hours of power for music playback, and 5 hours of web surfing time. My personal experience exceeded all of those times, which is refreshing. Instead of bosting huge battery claims on the box and then coming up short, why not let the consumer experience longer hours than what is claimed, therefore being pleasantly surprised?

You can even make scheduled Archos Archos 704 WiFi timed recordings, and the IR remote can be programmed to control your TV set or cable box.

Archos WiFi review: Archos WiFi - CNET

Connecting the Archos with a computer is a snap. It syncs with any Windows- Linux- or Mac-based computer without any software installation; and we found transfer speeds fairly zippy via Windows Media Player and drag and drop. You can transfer photos directly from Archos Archos 704 WiFi using yet another optional dock, or grab files from USB devices via the USB host port on the bottom next to the standard USB 2.

Bottom Line This player has loads of Archos Archos 704 WiFi and options, from video recording to Wi-Fi connectivity and file streaming. I wish the DVR features didn't require a separate docking station, but even so, this hefty player offers an amazing portable video experience. Measuring 7.

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Aside from Archos Archos 704 WiFi size it resembles past Archos models, such as thewith sturdy, metallic rectangular housing and minimal buttons. Neither is included; you'll need one or the other to record video and audio. The kickstand on the back is essential for viewing, as the player quickly becomes too heavy to hold. There are two small speakers, but they are mainly just for reference and sound pretty weak.

The supports a variety of formats: In addition, optional software plug-ins are available at archos. It also has two mini USB ports one for computer connection and one for the hosta 3.

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