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Archos Archos 605 GPS Driver

French portable media player (PMP) specialist Archos has launched a GPS upgrade and new car windscreen cradle for its Wi-Fi media. General Questions What is the difference between the GPS and the. The car-mount GPS add-on for the Archos turns it into a pretty basic GPS device. It's not meant to outclass offerings from Garmin or.


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Archos Archos 605 GPS Driver

Review: Archos 605 Wi-Fi GPS Car Holder

High-resolution screen makes maps look mighty purty. Lightning-fast satellite lock.

Tired The can't navigate without the car holder, so you can't go on walkabout. Doesn't say street names. Requires you to move to Europe if you want traffic features.


You have to Archos Archos 605 GPS restart the GPS app every time you power on the The Archos WiFi is a damn fine portable media player. Well, a low-end Garmin or TomTom from a few years ago, anyway: This lackluster accessory does not have many of the bells and whistles of modern nav systems, and the one it does have-real-time traffic updates-works only in Europe.

Install the Archos Archos 605 GPS TeleAtlas mapping software on your Archos any of the four models in the lineup and you're ready for the road.

Just make sure to budget a seemingly eternal 30 seconds for the GPS app to Archos Archos 605 GPS up, which wouldn't be so bad except that the unit shuts down randomly. However, it navigates like a base commander heading home from the officer's club. On several occasions the Archos Archos 605 GPS tried to route us totally out of the way instead of continuing on the road right in front of us.

Click anywhere on the main map to get to the main menu. Then go to the second screen of the main menu by clicking on the right arrow. Click on "Manage POI". Click on "rf".


Choose from what distance you want to be warned when Archos Archos 605 GPS get close to a speed camera and click on "Done". Select a type of audio signal which will be your warning sound and click on "Done".

Archos 605 finds its way with new GPS add-on

Now whenever you come up to certain distance of a Archos Archos 605 GPS camera, your GPS will give you a visual warning as well as an audio warning. Can I add additional maps for my GPS and how? Yes, it is possible to add maps.


The maps will be available for download from your customer account. I have installed the radar icons but they do not show up on my map.

What do I do? Go to the second screen of the main menu. Scroll down until you see the icon "rf".

This is the icon for Radars Archos Archos 605 GPS a fixed position. Tap on the icon and a checkmark will appear. This means now that radars will appear on your maps. Make sure that you select the Warn when near POI option in order to receive an audio warning when you are Archos Archos 605 GPS one. TMC is not broadcast to all roads. The coverage of which roads and highways varies by country and region.

Archos morphs into a satnav TechRadar

What should I select? Always select "Maps", which is the default selection. This folder contains all the maps that you bought. For advanced users: For this, proceed as follows: Do not delete other files or folders as this would prevent the GPS from working. The traffic information function TMC does not work. This Archos Archos 605 GPS not a feature that can be activated in the accessory version. For the bundled version, check the manual to see how to correctly install the included TMC antenna.

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