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Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold Driver

AOpen was kind enough to send us the AX6BC Pro Gold to review. AOPen, if you don't know already, is the retail motherboard arm of ACER. AOpen AX6BC Pro Gold PC - all the latest news, reviews, user reviews, previews, images, guides, help and forums. When we reviewed it back in July of , the AX6BC Pro Gold left a lasting impression on us. The impression was great enough that it won our.


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Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold Driver


Now on to the AOpen Pro. I install the board and notice something that irritates me to no end: The longer the card, the more slots are blocked.

AOpen AX6BC Pro Gold - Intel BX MHz Motherboard Roundup (June )

Now there is one thing I did like: If you have a slide-out mobo tray, this Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold a nice feature. However, in order to do this the floppy connector is on the extreme left hand side, which means you have to snake the cable across the CPU etc. Setting Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold the board is no big deal — screw down, plug in cables, yadda yadda. The AOpen uses a soft menu approach so setting different bus speeds is easy.

No boot — beeps and black screen. What the hell is going on?


I search around, try seating cables etc. No luck.

AOpen AX6BC Pro Gold

Let's sum up the questions I asked at the intro, "Is this a mainboard we would have bought two months ago? Not because I think they produce bad product, just simply the fact that they are not known for "cutting edge" components would have kept me away.

I can also say that you should very well NOW add AOpen to your list of possibles if you are in the market for a new mainboard. I think that while there are some definite improvements to be made on this board, AOpen's first "overclocker's board" is a success. I can say this could be a board we would purchase and fell good about it when we Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold it home. Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold

Predefined processor settings are available, as are manual settings for voltage, multiplier and FSB speeds. One note of caution Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold if your components particularly memory are not capable of handling these settings, the system could exhibit stability problems. These cards run circuit level diagnostics which test the operation of all the on-board controllers, and the communication between the various components.

All tests were successful, with the exception of DMA channel 5, 6 and 7 transfer tests. These exhibited some random failures, most likely due to a small signal timing skew.

Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold Motherboard Evaluation

Since these were intermittent, chances of compatibility problems with some ISA cards are small but still possible. We tested several different cards in the ISA slots without any problem.

Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold We alsoran our QuickTech Pro software diagnostic for 2 hours without finding any problems. QuickTech Pro is a system level software diagnostic that tests all of the basic system functions see our review of this software for more information.

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