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Amrel Systems PEL Series Driver

PEL Series User Manual. System Keys. CHAN/LOCAL is used to select the load channel. Combined with the shift key, Local is used to. Amrel. Goldring Rd Arcadia CA California United States Electronic Load (PLA, PEL & FEL Series) 60WkW+ • Water-cooled Electronic Load (PLW MISTRAS NDT Services, Products, Systems and Monitoring Solutions. FEL Series of Ultra-low Voltage eLoads & PEL Series of Low-power eLoads General Customization/Systems Capabilities and Solutions. Standard and.


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Amrel Systems PEL Series Driver

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In a similar way, with an electronic load you can explore the effect of load variations on a particular source. For example, there are many loads that demand rapid changes in supply voltage or current. The W Amrel Systems PEL Series features 0 to VDC and 0 to A ratings, and multiple loads can be paralleled for higher power applications.


All control is by a LAN connection with V isolation. One way to test converters is to simulate the real load with a high-speed electronic load.


As Figure 1 shows, the operating area for an electronic load is bounded by the minimum input voltage necessary to maintain control, a resistive portion that increases with current to the maximum current rating, a maximum power portion, Amrel Systems PEL Series a maximum voltage limit. All DC loads are similarly constrained although specific design features will alter the shape of the graph.

Amrel PEL Programmable Electronic Load eBay

Figure 1. CR, as the name implies, is equivalent to using a fixed-resistance load—the voltage linearly increases with current.

  • AMREL eLoad PLA Series - Air-cooled Programmable DC Electronic Load
  • Low Power DC Programmable Electronic Load W Amrel PEL loads current power
  • Low Power DC Programmable Electronic Load 60-600W Amrel PEL loads current power
  • AMREL eLoad PLA Series - Air-cooled Programmable DC Electronic Load

The CV setting simulates a battery being charged. The load will adjust its resistance to sink more or less current while keeping the terminal voltage constant.

The loads are simulated, but the connections are real

The CP characteristic has a hyperbolic shape with current reducing as voltage increases and vice-versa. At that point, the supply would switch to CC and the load to CV. Several modules in the Series are shown together with the five-slot mainframe in Figure 2.

This facility simplifies operation when using several loads in parallel to emulate a single high-power load. The A loads can be synchronously paralleled to a total of kW and dynamically synchronized for generating complex multichannel transient profiles.

The loads are simulated, but the connections are real

In addition, there are advanced measurements for maximum power point tracking MPPT for testing solar arrays and Ahr and Whr measurements for testing battery discharge. Cut-off voltage and time up tos can be set to ensure that battery discharge testing ends before the battery is damaged by overdischarge. Other built-in test and measurement features are short, over-current protection, and over-power protection modes where load settings and measurements are sequenced and used to quickly determine EUT pass or fail based on user-set measurement criteria.

And, for real-time current acquisition, all APS electronic loads—both AC and DC—provide current monitor outputs which allow the use of a storage Amrel Systems PEL Series to capture real-time current waveforms. This mode operates in constant resistance with the additional capability for user-defined parameters that emulate the V-I characteristics of typical LEDs to apply as the input load.

This allows the user to perform CC discharge tests with three different stop condition options: He explained Amrel Systems PEL Series the voltage will be measured at the source and that value used to alter the load settings. Amrel Systems PEL Series

Remote sensing compensates for the voltage drop in applications that require long leads. It is useful in any operating mode requiring accurate voltage read back.

Load leads should be bundled or tied together to minimize inductance. One value that can easily be overlooked is the lowest voltage that a load can support at a given current.

If you Amrel Systems PEL Series to work at low voltages and high currents, the voltage drop across the cables connecting the source to the load becomes very important. As shown in Figure 3, one way to minimize this drop is to use large solid copper busbars. In the figure, several loads are used in parallel to further lower the minimum load resistance and increase the maximum current rating. Figure 3.

For a steady-state or slowly changing high-current output, keeping the wiring resistance low is the main requirement. For transient tests, both the wiring resistance and inductance must be low.

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