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AMD Radeon HD 5570 Driver

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AMD Radeon HD 5570 Driver

DirectX 11 Compatibility: Up until now, the list of DirectX 11 game titles has been somewhat sparse.

But the eventual proliferation of the API is inevitable as time passes and more developers start working with it. Thus far, we haven't fallen in love with any of the DirectX optimized titles DiRT 2 being our more recent exploration. However, we are looking to Aliens AMD Radeon HD 5570.

UserBenchmark: AMD Radeon HD vs ATI

Predator as the potential killer app that will make DirectX 11 hardware a must-have for gamers. These expectations are primarily based on the examples of tessellation we've seen demonstrated pre-launch.

Eyefinity Triple-Monitor Gaming Advertisement Having experienced Eyefinity gaming, I can say that it is a lot more impressive than I assumed it would be; it really saturates the player's peripheral vision. Having said that, there are still issues associated with multi-monitor gaming on the Radeon HD series: These considerations have the potential to take some of the fun out of Eyefinity, but we expect most of these issues to work themselves AMD Radeon HD 5570 over time.

As usual, early adopters will take the brunt of the teething pains AMD Radeon HD 5570 ATI optimizes its drivers. The Radeon HD series cards are one and they're ideal if 3D performance is a priority.

Intel's Clarkdale-based CPUs with integrated graphics are viable as well, though much-less capable of playing even mainstream games at p. Both companies fully accelerate Blu-ray playback AMD Radeon HD 5570, whereas the sound card option requires addressing video through some other means. It's all a matter of application support, and at this time there isn't enough of that to get excited about. When DirectCompute is used for advanced physics calculations in games, when ATI Stream is used to accelerate everyday applications, then this author will be excited about it.

But we're still waiting for that critical mass, despite the fact that both ATI and Nvidia like to show AMD Radeon HD 5570 the few mainstream titles that can be accelerated via GPU-based computing right now. The Reference Card Advertisement The Radeon HD certainly doesn't look like a card sporting shaders—likely a side-effect of a move to 40nm manufacturing, cutting back on die size and thermal output, thereby requiring a more conservative cooler and smaller PCB.

Radeon HD 5570

Frankly, it looks more like the entry-level Radeon HD with an active cooler. The Radeon HD doesn't need a dedicated power connector, which is no surprise since the more powerful Radeon HD doesn't either. Of course, we do expect AMD Radeon HD 5570 card's idle and load power consumption numbers to be even lower. That's another bit of good news since, again, the Radeon HD already demonstrates impressive results in this regard.

ATI Radeon HD Review

Advertisement Notice how small the reference cooler is. The impressive part is that is does a great job keeping temperatures in check, as we will demonstrate in the benchmarks. The AMD Radeon HD 5570 is, with shader cores per card, it is difficult to imagine a scenario where dual Radeon HD s would make sense.


This is one of those scenarios where a single board is a better value than two less-expensive derivatives. The card's small size allows for a half-height output bezel swap, as long as you're willing to give AMD Radeon HD 5570 the analog VGA connector. This is interesting because half-height versions of respectable gaming cards, such as the GeForce GT, are usually accompanied by notable price increases, since they are often custom-designed by board vendors.


The Radeon HD should give half-height card buyers access to some low-cost hardware capable of decent gaming. This is a little perplexing because DisplayPort output is necessary for triple-monitor Eyefinity use.

ATI Radeon HD 5570

Thus, our sample is not triple-monitor capable. As with most of the series card, each manufacturer has some flexibility as to the output options it wishes to include, so a version with DisplayPort should not be a difficult find post-launch. AMD Radeon HD 5570

We found it was willing to go a lot farther than that in our overclocking tests. Still, we were able to get almost playable framerates out of the HD at x on the highest settings with 4x AA.

ATI Radeon HD 5570

This then is where the card starts to be interesting and almost justifies its seemingly high price; AMD Radeon HD 5570 this li'l GPU you'll be happily playing the latest 3D games, maybe not on the highest settings, but on your tiny media centre. It's still frustrating that you have to pay a specific price premium just to get your hands on a weaker card because it is slapped AMD Radeon HD 5570 a thinner PCB, and for a little cheaper we'd be more than happy with the wee beastie. Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter: No spam, we promise.

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