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Areson AirMouse V2.1 Driver

G TK Wireless MINI Keyboard Air Mouse Learning Remote Control. Features: Humanized design, fit your hand shape Learning function for your TV. 3 in 1 OFF-DESK WIRELESS MOUSE POINTER. Supplier:JUST-FOR-YOU Supplier:ARESON TECHNOLOGY CORP. Add to favorites Presenter Air Mouse. FCC ID P5AB50 (P5A B50) Wireless Mouse manufactured by ARESON Technology Corp. operating 1, Original Equipment, , 6VCM3QXz4mkWdkvd3PfHhw== Telephone Number: +, Extension:   Missing: AirMouse.


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Areson AirMouse V2.1 Driver

A see-through display device includes a variable focus lens a user looks through.

A focal region adjustment unit automatically focuses the variable focus lens in a current Areson AirMouse V2.1 focal region. A microdisplay assembly attached to the see-through display device generates a virtual object for display in the user's current focal region by adjusting its focal region. The variable focus lens may also be adjusted to provide one or more zoom features.

Visual enhancement of an object may also be provided to improve a user's perception of an object. Typically, near eye displays are worn by users to view the Areson AirMouse V2.1 imagery of virtual and real objects.

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The near-eye displays typically use a combination of optics and stereopsis to focus virtual imagery within the space. The ability to focus of a user can limit the user to seeing Areson AirMouse V2.1, both real and virtual, clearly in only a portion of the space, if at all.


A user views a scene through a near- eye display device. The scene includes one or more real objects in a physical environment or space the user views directly with his or her eyes. In the case of a Areson AirMouse V2.1 display Areson AirMouse V2.1, the user views real objects directly through clear or see-through lenses of the display device.

One or more virtual objects are projected by the display device into at least one of the user's eye locations. Thus, the display of the real scene is augmented with virtual objects. A virtual image is generated by a microdisplay assembly attached to the Areson AirMouse V2.1 display device.

The Areson AirMouse V2.1 image is projected into the user's at least one eye, so the user sees both virtual and real objects when looking through the variable focus lens. One or more processors determine a current user focal region under the control of software stored in an accessible memory.

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The processor controls a focal region adjustment unit for focusing the variable focus lens in the current user focal region. Areson AirMouse V2.1 processor determines a focal distance based on a zoom feature and the current user focal region, and the focal region adjustment unit adjusts the variable focus lens based on the determined focal distance.

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A field of view of a user in a three dimensional model of a space including a real object is determined as is a current user focal region. A variable focus lens positioned to be seen through by a user is automatically Areson AirMouse V2.1 for at least one eye to focus in the current user focal region.


One or more virtual objects are displayed Areson AirMouse V2.1 a real world focal distance in a user field of view. An image of one of the objects in the user field of view is visually enhanced.


In one example, a real object is visually enhanced. This Summary is not intended to identify key features or essential features of the claimed subject matter, nor is Areson AirMouse V2.1 intended to be used as an aid in determining the scope of the claimed subject matter.

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In one embodiment, a system comprises a Areson AirMouse V2.1 display device as a near-eye display for augmented Areson AirMouse V2.1 and a processing unit in communication with the see-through display device. In the embodiments discussed below, the see-through display is in a set of eyeglasses but other HMD formats and near-eye display holders can be used as well.

In other words, the user sees the real word objects directly with the human eye. Based on the context of executing software, for example, a gaming application, the system can project virtual images Areson AirMouse V2.1 the display that are viewable by the Areson AirMouse V2.1 wearing the see-through display device while that person is also viewing real world objects through the display.

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The model is segmented into real objects, and as explained below, is augmented with the locations of virtual object images. The system automatically tracks where the user is looking so that the system can figure out the user's field of view through the display of the see- through display device. The user Areson AirMouse V2.1 be tracked using depth cameras and any of various sensors including depth sensors, image sensors, inertial sensors, eye position sensors, etc.

Besides the user's field of view, the system also determines at what location in the field of view the user is focused or is looking at, referred to often as the user focal region.

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