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Acer TravelMate 8372TG Driver

This page provides reviews and other infos about the Acer TravelMate TG of the series TravelMate T laptop. Product Support for. TravelMate Model Name: TM . Part Number: . Find another model. Menu. Drivers and Manuals; Community; Contact Acer. Acer TravelMate TG Driver Download. Model Name: TMTG. Will come in this configuration provided Acer comes with Intel Core i5 Chipset Intel HM


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Acer TravelMate 8372TG Driver

So does this mean the market is covered?


Not quite. So why not take a standard laptop processor instead?

A Core iM 2x 2. These cheap CPU's can be found for examplein the Case Low vibration, hard drive Acer TravelMate 8372TG Sliding switches instead of pressure switches One Acer TravelMate 8372TG is for sure however, this piece of technology won't be winning any beauty competitions any time soon. Acer's test unit looks pretty chunky and weighs in at a hefty 2.


This is very heavy by subnotebook standards. Other 13" Acer TravelMate 8372TG in this category typically weigh less than 2 kilograms. The reason for the weight gain can be found with the 8 cell battery, which by itself weighs grams. The casing is suitable for mobile applications as it is very warp resistant.

No matter how hard we tried to bend, flex or pull the base unit, Acer TravelMate 8372TG refused to give an inch. The palm rest impresses with its level of stiffness and refuses to be warped under pressure. Even the level of stiffness in the middle of the aluminum lid pressing downmanaged Acer TravelMate 8372TG impress us. Consider its thin construction, the lid is very warp resistant.

ACER TMGG-W7PRO Acer Travelmate G50MN_3G laptop specification sheet

Grabbing it at Acer TravelMate 8372TG corners, we only managed to bend it a little bit. The hinges are mounted firmly to the base plate. The display is held taught. The wobbling screen one may be accustomed to during car and train journeys won't be found here.

Acer TravelMate 8372TG

The protruding 8 cell battery sticks out Acer TravelMate 8372TG a sore thumb. Acer managed to turn a lemon into lemonade however by adding rubber feet to the underside of the battery. The battery itself does move slightly when locked into place, but there is no risk of it coming lose at any point. The surface of the workspace is ideal for heavy use. Acer chose to avoid the use of glossy materials Acer TravelMate 8372TG.

The matt, silver power and WLAN buttons Acer TravelMate 8372TG to provide a little contrast to an otherwise monotone exterior, but don't really succeed. Compared to business laptops such as the HP ProBook and Elitebook, which manage to cram in a large variety of interfaces into even the smallest spaces, the TimelineX TG offers next to nothing.

The reason for this might be, that there is a docking station which can provide all the interfaces one could ever need while working in Acer TravelMate 8372TG office environment.

Review Acer TravelMate 8372TG subnotebook

More about that in the next section. This Most of the interfaces are on the left side. The rear is occupied by the battery.

The positioning of the interfaces seems logical: This prevents thick cables from getting in the way of a "right handed" mouse. Therefore, it always clocks with max. Thanks to Hyperthreading, 4 Acer TravelMate 8372TG can be processed simultaneously.

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Above all, this display size is used for subnotebooks, ultrabooks and convertibles.

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