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Acer Aspire 3670 Chipset Driver

Model, Vostro MT. Chassis, Minitower. Processor, 8th Generation Intel Core iC (GHz to GHz, 9MB). Chipset, Intel B NIC, Integrated. Dell Vostro MT i3 8th Gen Brand PC. Brand: Dell Model: Dell Vostro MT RAM: 4GB (1x4GB) DDR4 MHz Storage: 1TB Chipset, Intel B DELL VOSTRO MT I5 8TH GEN to GHz RAM 4GB DDRMHZ HDD 1TB rpm Hard Drive (price in Chipset, Intel® B


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Acer Aspire 3670 Chipset Driver

That extravagant mega-chip made AMD's competing counterpart, the core Ryzen Threadripper XAcer Aspire 3670 Chipset downright reasonable in contrast. Those were just starting to trickle out into slim laptops and convertibles when we wrote this, promising quad-core performance in systems that previously had been offered only with dual-core silicon. The first of Intel's eighth-generation Core desktop processor is the family code-named "Coffee Lake" technically, "Coffee Acer Aspire 3670 Chipset to set it apart as the desktop-specific silicon.

DELL VOSTRO 3670 MT I5 8400 8TH GEN 2.80 to 4.0 GHz

Much like the company's first eighth-generation mobile chips, the Core i that we're looking at here, as well as the Core iK that we tested in tandem with the new Core i5, are built on essentially the same architecture as the seventh-generation Core "Kaby Lake" processors. In turn, these turned out to be very similar to the Acer Aspire 3670 Chipset Core "Skylake" chips, like that family's unlocked-for-overclocking Core i5 chip, the Core iK.

Aside from some additional hardware that supports copy-protected 4K streaming for services such as Netflix—which came in with the Kaby Lake chips—the basic architecture across these three generations is nearly the same, by Intel's own admission. There are no Acer Aspire 3670 Chipset chips to be found here, though those are the future.


But because of this further refinement of Intel's manufacturing process, Intel has been able to crank up its maximum "boost" clock speeds as high as 4. As for Acer Aspire 3670 Chipset Core i, its base clock drops down slightly to 2. That's just one number worthy of note. The rated thermal design power TDP, a measurement of heat-dissipation requirements sticks to 65 watts.

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That's doubly impressive when you consider the Core i is a six-core chip, while previous-generation Core i5 desktop processors in this class have been quad-core parts. The higher-end Core iK has six cores and 12 threads, while the Core i also has six cores, but just six threads. It lacks Intel's thread-doubling Hyper-Threading technology that lets a core handle two processing threads at one Acer Aspire 3670 Chipset.

That means, in theory at least, that these new chips are capable of up to a 50 percent performance boost in tasks that are able to take advantage of all available cores.

And single-threaded performance where Intel Acer Aspire 3670 Chipset long held a healthy lead should be higher as well, thanks to the increased boost-clock speeds on these chips. Can Intel's new six-core Core i5 deliver the goods against similarly priced AMD Ryzen 5 chips that have six cores and 12 threads?

Intel Core i5-8400

AMD's chips are all unlocked for overclocking, mind you, Acer Aspire 3670 Chipset the Core i isn't. And does Intel's new on-chip integrated graphics solution, dubbed Intel UHD Graphicsalso provide a significant speed boost versus the previous-generation integrated graphics processor IGP?


To find out, of course, we'll have to delve deep into our benchmark testing. But first, we'll take a look at the eighth-generation Core platform as a whole, which includes six new chips at this stage, plus the new Z chipset. When Acer Aspire 3670 Chipset say "new chipset," that means you'll need a new motherboard to take advantage of Intel's Coffee Lake-S desktop processors.

Intel Core i Review & Rating

Are Intel's new chips worth a pricey, complicated upgrade? And what about gaming performance with a dedicated graphics card?

We'll endeavor to answer all those questions and more below. Intel Eighth-Generation Core: More Cores, Familiar Silicon AMD grabbed headlines and many favorable reviews earlier in by bringing more cores to mainstream-priced desktop processors with its Ryzen chips.

Intel's offerings in this slice of the market Acer Aspire 3670 Chipset topped out at four cores and eight computing threads via the company's Acer Aspire 3670 Chipset Hyper-Threading tech for years, and the only way to get more cores and threads in one CPU was with Intel's pricey Extreme Edition CPUs. AMD doubled that quad-core ceiling with eight-core, thread Ryzen 7 chips, then followed that up with a pair of six-core, thread Ryzen 5 offerings.

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The Ryzen 5 Xfor example, was one of our favorites in the initial Ryzen lineup.

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