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3D Labs GLINT Racer Driver

3D Labs driver. 3D Labs Video 3D Labs Video Drivers - drivers found. Filter: Show All . GLINT Racer 3D Accelerator driver, zip [more]. 3Dlabs. Here is a step by step manual guide for 3Dlabs PERMEDIA 2 3D Accelerator GLINT Racer 3D Accelerator PERMEDIA 2 3D Accelerator. Providers: 3dlabs. The VLB is apparently based around the 3d Labs GLINT chip, . NASCAR Racing - this supports a number of other accelerators yet even.


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150 (3.19)
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Supported systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista
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3D Labs GLINT Racer Driver

Permedia download, free permedia download.

My list shows all supported 3D Labs GLINT Racer, which is near everything except for Speedy3D. It is possible the PowerVR version is quite good, but that version is very hard to find nowadays as the PowerVR version was only sold on powervrdirect. Battle Arena Toshinden - this supports other accelerators and is probably best on 3dfx.

See my comparison video: The PCI version offers greater drawdistance and bilinear filtering. The accelerated versions brings no graphical enhancements compared to the software version, but makes the game able to run in greater FPS on slower computers.

Comparison video of accelerated versions: I am actually unsure if Magic Carpet supports "hi-res" x in its retail software version, maybe someone else can answer this? If it doesn't then 3D Labs GLINT Racer CGL version which can only be run on 3D Labs GLINT Racer VLB card is superior in terms of graphics, but framerate isn't top notch as you can see in the video below. Magic Carpet on the VLB: Is it some kind of substantial difference?

It's also apparently possible with software hacking to run it using the. I'd love to see a quality comparison of software mode using that vs the older PCI 3D Labs GLINT Racer, otherwise is this the 'killer app' insofar as there is one for CGL? How far this continues and if the missions are just swapped in order I do not know at the current moment.

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I need to play more of the two versions to find out. All can be covered under DMA engine and there is also option of direct memory access around the pipeline.


Rasterizer is plenty fast, close to promised polygon rates even with smooth Gouraud shading and specular lighting. Scissoring and stenciling units remained. Color precision is rather disappointing, because precision was at some places reduced to 5 bits per channel.

The main feature set addition was "full speed" bilinear filter, however, in the tests performance drop is 3D Labs GLINT Racer. What more the filter does not really seem to be interpolating, it looks rather like offsetting texels to partially overlap each other and crossfade of colors. Considering the serious past 3dlabs comes from, I would guess this is some desperate hack, rather than a design choice.


Poor presentation of texturing unit is completed by lack of mip mapping. Now let me try to demonstrate its inaccuracies errors, along with joke of bilinear filter. I will use lightmap from Quake, but mind you this was observed in any application. Texels warps by camera angel and form clear abnormalities like the vertical line in the center.


Permedia supports RGBA textures, but their use is extremely limited due to poor memory management. Next pipeline stage does not impress either.

There is only one texture slot and multiplicative blending is not supported. Vertex fog is blended with transparent textures properly, frame buffer dithering is sensitive enough.

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