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3Com autorun.inf Driver

3Com Switch Family Configuration Guide Version . Remote-ping Configuration Example Logging Function Introduction to Info-center Info-Center Configuration How to Remove Autorun Virus Using Cmd. (Driver for the 3COM 3cp Home Connect Web Cam for 25 23 files. 3Com Corporation reserves the right to revise this documentation and to display bgp routing-table flap-info. By default, auto run is disabled.


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3Com autorun.inf Driver


Next, at stepthe master boot record, which by now, has been programmed using vendor unique commands to include the partitioning information, is protected to be read-only and even then using vendor unique commands only. If a secure partition is created, it is marked as hidden by Microsoft operating system features and in particular, the attribute 0x16 in the master boot record In this manner, the operating system is prevented from assigning a drive letter to the storage device in which the secure 3Com autorun.inf resides.

A file 3Com autorun.inf table FAT is shown as a location 3Com autorun.inf locations of various program files are maintained in sector format. For example, to refer to an example provided earlier, the location of the Microsoft program Word is maintained in the FAT so that when this application program is accessed by the user, the FAT is accessed to determine where to access the Word program.

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An example of this is provided with reference to FIG. The device is similar to the devices discussed in previous figures, 3Com autorun.inf as the devices 12 and The application layer includes application programs 3Com autorun.inf to a user, examples 3Com autorun.inf which include the Windows Explorer, Word, Outlook, etc. The programs execute at a higher privilege level and access computer resources which are 3Com autorun.inf not available to user programs or applications. Again referring to a previous example, assuming that the application being used is Word and thus included in the application layerthe input or information provided by the user, through the use of a keyboard or otherwise, is encrypted as soon as it is recognized as having been input by the system.

The encryption is performed by the device driver The FAT identifies the location of the Word program and the device driver encrypts the information input by the user. The information encrypted by the driver is communicated to yet another driver, namely the storage driver sometimes referred to as mass storage driverwhich ultimately causes storage of the encrypted information within the device and particularly within the secure partition of the device In one embodiment of the present invention, the device driver employs a bit encryption algorithm as set forth by the American Encryption Standard AES and known to those of ordinary skill in the art, however, any other types of encryption algorithms may be employed without departing from the scope and 3Com autorun.inf of the present invention.

When information that was input is accessed by 3Com autorun.inf user, it is decrypted by the device 3Com autorun.inf using the same algorithm as that used 3Com autorun.inf encrypt data and then provided to 3Com autorun.inf user.

US7370166B1 - Secure portable storage device - Google Patents

Data is first 3Com autorun.inf by the storage driver from the devicein its encrypted form, then decrypted by the driver and then provided to the user. The device is similar to other storage 3Com autorun.inf discussed throughout this 3Com autorun.inf with respect to other figures, such as the devices 12, and However the configuration of the device is different in that the device is shown to include a reserve memory area, which is an area including encrypted information and accessible only by the manufacturer of the devicesuch as Lexar Media, Inc.

The device is shown to also include a disk storage area visible, i. This is discussed in greater detail hereinabove.

The manufacturer of the device determines vendor unique commands and uses the same in a firmware program to read and write information to the 3Com autorun.inf memory area Fingerprint templates are stored fingerprint information used to verify a valid user by comparing the user's fingerprint 3Com autorun.inf to the fingerprint templates searching for a match. The user, at one time, performs a fingerprint swipe and the user's fingerprint information is then stored within the reserve memory area The PC is further shown coupled to a finger swiping device for obtaining the fingerprint of a user and transmitting the same to the PC for storage within the device 12, as 3Com autorun.inf discussed.

In an alternative embodiment, the device is replaced with the user entering a password. The PC is an example of a 3Com autorun.inf.

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Referring now to FIG. The 3Com autorun.inf technique employed is similar to that discussed hereinabove. Perhaps some figures showing the way in which keys are generated is helpful at this time.


Referring back to FIG. At stepthe primary key is 3Com autorun.inf using known encryption schemes, such as the AES encryption method mentioned hereinabove. Next, at stepthe primary key and a master key, which is another random number 3Com autorun.inf encrypted using known encryption techniques and an encrypted master key is generated. At stepthe master key same as the master key of FIG.

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