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3com 3C501 EtherLink Driver

3cc: A 3Com 3c Ethernet driver for Linux. */ /* Written ,, Donald Becker This is a device driver for the 3Com Etherlink. EtherLink II, 3c, 3c/ Etherlink III, 3c / 3cB. 3Com 3c for all the reasons as to why you really don't want to use one of these cards. Supported network adapters by manufacturer. 3Com: 3C EtherLink. 3C EtherLink II & EtherLink II TP 3C EtherLink II/16 & EtherLink II/16 TP.


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3com 3C501 EtherLink Driver

3Com 3C (or similar) Driver

The more you have the more space you need. If you dont use dhcp, you should keep at least 5kb free. 3com 3C501 EtherLink you dont have enough room for the drivers you need, you'll have to install on a hard drive. Copy the file to the directory A: For example: 3com 3C501 EtherLink must unmount the disk before ejecting it. Also, dont install drivers you dont need as it will increase boot time and may cause problems.

Troubleshooting Sometimes you might have problems determining whether your network cards are working or not, so the following may be of use. ISA Cards If the card is an early one with jumpers, you need to use those jumpers to configure 3com 3C501 EtherLink io and irq.


It may run on earlier fixpack levels if the necessary Rexx updates are in place. If you can manually identify your NIC, you can download, unzip, and manually install an available driver that is listed below. Download nicpak.

CMD to determine if a driver is available. If so, you can then download the driver file package, unzip it to the same work directory where you unzipped nicpak.

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I know that this doesn't make it work but at least you will be aware of that. Several chipsets are used by multiple vendors. In that case, I have tried to determine the basic driver for that chipset and point all of the 3com 3C501 EtherLink descriptions to it.

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However, they are a big name in the business, and when you need a solution to a problem and you want it done yesterday, regardless of the cost, you call Unisys. They can move the technological earth for you. Amusing anecdote.

A couple of years ago, when my not-yet-then father in 3com 3C501 EtherLink was working his way up the consulting chain, he ended up being the go-to guy for MBNA's head office. If you don't know who they are, someday look at where your credit card offers come from in the mail - chances are 1 of 3com 3C501 EtherLink comes from Wilmington, Deleware. That's MBNA - they are the elite of the super-rich credit card companies.


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