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3Com 3C17304-US Driver

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3Com 3C17304-US Driver

The aggregated link may be manually configured with appropriate configuration settingssuch as VLAN membershipto match the partner device. The aggregated link will inherit its configuration from the first 3Com 3C17304-US originally detected against the partner device. If you have an existing 3Com 3C17304-US port connection between two devicesthis automatic behavior allows quick and easy addition of extra bandwidth by simply adding an extra physical link between the units.

As required by the IEEE When a port leaves an aggregated link its original configuration settings are restored.


A 3Com 3C17304-US of four active aggregated links can be created. A maximum of four ports may be added manually to any individual aggregationbut any number may join automatically via LACP. There are however a few points to 3Com 3C17304-US Failure to configure the aggregation at both ends before physically connecting the ports can result in a number of serious network issues such as lost packets and network loops.

The remaining devices will each only have one link made activethat is3Com 3C17304-US data. All other links will be made inactive to prevent loops occurring. LACP detects if one of the existing four aggregated links is removed and will then automatically assign one of the remaining devices to the aggregated link that has become free. The other links will be held in a standby state until there is a problem with a higher speed link s.

The lower speed link s will then become active.

It is not possible to configure this feature on a port that is a member of an aggregated 3Com 3C17304-USand vice versa. The Traps will not be sent for an aggregation. When setting up an aggregated linknote that: Howeverplease note the following: If a member link port does not 3Com 3C17304-US in full duplex mode it 3Com 3C17304-US still be a member of an aggregated link but it will never be activated.

The lower speed links only carry the traffic if the higher speed links fail.

For examplethe configuration in Figure 4 will not work as Switch A has one aggregated link defined whose member links are then split between two aggregated links defined on Switches B and C. Note 3Com 3C17304-US this illegal configuration could not occur if LACP is enabled. When using an aggregated link3Com 3C17304-US that: If 3Com 3C17304-US do thisthe traffic destined for that link is distributed to the other links in the aggregated link. If you do not remove the connection and only disable one end of the member link porttraffic 3Com 3C17304-US still forwarded to that port by the aggregated link port at the other end.

This means that a significant amount of traffic may be lost.

Traffic Distribution and Link Failure on Aggregated Links To maximize throughputall traffic is distributed 3Com 3C17304-US the individual links that make up an aggregated link. Thereforewhen 3Com 3C17304-US packet is made available for transmission down an aggregated linka hardware - based traffic distribution mechanism determines which particular port in the link should be used ; this mechanism uses the MAC address.

The traffic is distributed among the member links as efficiently as possible. To avoid the potential problem of out - of - sequence packets or " packet 3Com 3C17304-US - ordering "the Switch ensures that all the conversations between a given pair 3Com 3C17304-US endstations will pass through the same port in the aggregated link.

3Com 3C17304-US Switches

Single - to - multiple endstation conversationson the other hand3Com 3C17304-US still take place over different ports. If the link state on any of the ports in an aggregated link becomes inactive 3Com 3C17304-US to link failurethen the Switch will automatically redirect the aggregated link traffic to the remaining ports.

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Aggregated links therefore provide built - in resilience for your network. This chapter explains multicastsmulticast filteringand how multicast filtering can be implemented on your 3Com 3C17304-US. Users explicitly request to participate in the Multicast?

If the network is set 3Com 3C17304-US correctlya multicast can only be sent to an endstation or a subset of endstations in a LANor VLANthat belong to the relevant multicast group. Multicast 3Com 3C17304-US members can be distributed across multiple subnetworks ; thusmulticast transmissions can occur within a campus LAN or over a WAN. In additionnetworks that support IP multicast send only one copy 3Com 3C17304-US the desired information across the network until the delivery path that reaches group members diverges.

3Com 3CUS Switches - BIZI

It is only at these points that multicast packets are replicated and forwardedwhich makes efficient use of network bandwidth. Benefits of 3Com 3C17304-US The benefits of using IP multicast are that it: There are situations where a multicast approach is more logical and efficient than a unicast approach. Application examples include distance learningtransmitting stock quotes to brokers3Com 3C17304-US collaborative computing.


A typical use of multicasts is in video - conferencing 3Com 3C17304-US, where high volumes of traffic need to 3Com 3C17304-US sent to several endstations simultaneouslybut where broadcasting that traffic to all endstations would seriously reduce network performance.

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